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MARS REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT investment department has all necessary to represent investors in the sale of property to be available to rent equipment. Investment team, as well as marketing and sales with advanced equipment, offering high added value creation opportunities to owners.

Our investment department also about matching the investor's point of view to the needs of project developers has been the pioneer work in Turkey.

As expected from all major real estate consulting firm, our understanding of service requires the presence in close cooperation with all units in a network of international investors. Investment objectives, particularly in Turkey and neighboring countries becoming increasingly turning to our customers, we offer services on a European scale but in Turkey the truth.

Our investment services include but are not limited to, the following topics are covered;

  • Pazar araştırması ve tahminleri
  • Yatırım imkanlarını belirlenmesi
  • Risk analizi
  • En iyi yatırımcı ve mülk/proje eşleştirmesi
  • Stratejik danışmanlık
  • Görüşmelerde ilgili tarafı temsil etmek