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apartment sales prices, while the construction sector continued to grow with each passing day and Kusadasi in Aydin rents also increased.

Kusadasi due to the deteriorating situation of tourism in recent days, while there was decline in many sectors, the construction sector is growing rapidly. Kusadasi every day in the case of the pupil of the many construction companies outside the domestic and international new buildings are rising. In parallel with the rapid growth of the construction sector in apartment rental rates and sales prices showing an increase.

apartment with the apartment owners prefer not to start the season, daily or weekly rental.

rising housing prices are also effective in the rise of rent, of course. 2 years before the house around 100-150 thousand 2 + 1 degree available, currently in Kusadasi 100-150 thousand TL 1 + 1 apartments not be found. We can say that for this reason the rent increase.