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How To Buy House


Every year, thousands of houses being built and is going again host zero or people buying second homes in the thousands every year. Many people may encounter on the road without any account that unfortunately come with the idea of ​​home ownership problem. the main source of problems is likely, timely unasked questions, though.

So you going to pay attention to the elements, most of which time you get home? Here is the list of those to be considered when buying home stretch. The list is long, so the subject, we will publish this article in two parts for him.

Hukuksal açıdan dikkat edilmesi gerekenler

1. Is the deed of the house you intend to take? (Land is not the only one who is on or cooperative, learn the right use case and bonus)
2. Is there a mortgage or lien on housing?
3. Learn the building condominium properties and servitude.
4. Is there a construction permit for the building?
5. Do you have permission to use the building structure?
6. Is subscriptions made to the building housing the electricity and water?
7. The building is divided into shops for commercial purposes, such as department store there?
8. Examine the residential tenants with a lease you are getting inside.

Ekonomi açısından dikkat edilmesi gerekenler

9. Building ground strength, perfective level, age, land availability, permits, use permits, etc., whether or not leak adds. Eligibility to receive a loan from the bank angle ...
10. Are there parts that require home renovations and renewal?
11. Residential heating expenses for the past year been for you? (You may be familiar with the history of the year residents in the building)
12. Housing fees expenses Is it reasonable to you?
13. The reliability of the contractor, if you purchase a dwelling under construction and obtain information about purchase housing in the past.
14. Residential real estate belonging to the past year of unpaid taxes and so on. Did you learn whether debt?
15. Is the building has an approved architectural project?
16. Building on later, is not made changes to the original architectural project? (Search for the cause if made)
17. Residential your current needs as well as your future needs does it meet?
18. Housing is daylight enough? (For example, can you sit daytime lighting use?)
19 cabinets of housing and so on. Does it meet your needs, the number and size of the field?
20. Is there a lift? (Must be made on the elevator in the building five times)
21. Is there a suitable shelter to current regulations in the building?
22. Is there a storage area outside the House? (Is there an example basement storage section separated by goal?)
23. Have arrangements been made to the building's garden?
24. Is the building safe and have adequate parking?

Bina ve çevresi açısından dikkat edilmesi gerekenler

25. Is there a parking lot where your visitors can park their cars?
26. Do you know that in a short time to get to public transportation?
27. Are there any areas where children spend time in the vicinity?
28. Do you have views of the House?
29. Is there a possibility in the future closure of the residential landscape?
30. Have buildings and green spaces around?
31. Is it close to the shopping center?
32. Does your child's school will close on training?
33. Housing and the appropriate distance from your workplace?
34. Do you allow easy access to health services?
35. Is an emergency, fire or ambulance can reach home easily?
36. Is it safe buildings against theft?
37. Does the drainage system around the building made for rain water and waste water?
38. Is there any elements such as high-voltage lines can affect human health in the immediate vicinity of the building?
39 proximity highways, airports, there are factors that may pose factory noise or pollution?

Depreme karşı dayanıklılık açısından dikkat edilmesi gerekenler

40. Is there a difference between the systems in the building of the project with the existing grid? (Consult an expert)
41. Be informed about whether the building earthquake resistant (used in construction, concrete, iron, etc.)
42. The construction of the building in compliance with current seismic regulations?
43. The building's structural system that already have traces of repair done? (Find out if made sure of the cause).
44. Check with the necessary information about the structure of the audit firm floor of the building.

Yalıtım konusunda dikkat edilmesi gerekenler

1. Do you have heat and sound insulation of the building's walls? At least, insulation Is made of beams and columns?
2. Building on the sound insulation is good?
3. Is there any cracks in the walls and ceilings? (It may be due to the settlement in new buildings, particularly gas concrete instead of brick, while ytong used)
4. Make sure there is enough water expense of balconies and terraces.
5. Have thermal insulation in windows and doors?
6. Window and facade of the opening of the door (balcony door, gates etc.) Does that traces of water leaks?
7. On the basis of the building there been bundling. (Consult a specialist or see if their basic photo)
8. Is made of heat and waterproofing on the roof?

Sıva altı tesisat açısından dikkat edilmesi gerekenler

9. Is any kind of electrical installations of the kind that can carry electric devices?
10. sufficient to meet the needs of the ever left home lighting point?
11. Do the sockets and switches? Is it the kind that can withstand long-term use?
12. Is there leakage relay in the House?
13. Have the grounding of the electrical outlet? It has made basic grounding in the building?
14 and outlet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens Is protected against water and heat?
15. Is prepared for cable TV and satellite infrastructure?
16. The security system established? The Kurulabilirm?
17 working doorbell and intercommunication systems? If you do not put the infrastructure prepared for intercom?
18. Is there a generator in the building?

Isıtma ve sıhhi tesisat açısından dikkat edilmesi gerekenler

19. Find out the heating system in the building.
20. The heating system is provided with features combi learn the general validity of the boiler used.
21. Is it enough for the number of radiators used for room heating?
22 m separated from the collector to the boiler under the boiler pipes to crumbling honeycomb?
23. test been carried water for boiler and gas leaks? Is it the natural gas distribution company has granted the certificate of conformity?
24. Did you check whether there is sufficient water pressure in the bathroom and kitchen? (By opening the tap and check the water pressure at the same time pulling the toilet flushing)
25. Does it feel excessive noise when used in plumbing in the bathroom? (Eg siphon withdrew)
26. Is there a water tank in the building?
27. Is there a leak in the pipe of the port used in the installation?
28. Does water leak under the kitchen sink and sink?
29. Building on mains water connected?

Güvenlik açısından dikkat edilmesi gerekenler

30. Is there a fire escape in the building?
31. Is there fire suppression systems or devices in the building?
32 m used against gas leak detector? Is there gas detectors in the apartment?
33. appropriate to approach the entrances and exits of fire trucks?
34. Does the chimney flue systems for boilers made independent?
35. mrk building near the police station. Is there such units?
36. Is there security personnel have received the necessary training in the building or site?
37. Is it enough height for building fences or walls to prevent theft?
38. Is there adequate lighting around the building?

As we mentioned at the beginning, the subject is quite long and detailed, each building needs to observe the different characteristics when evaluating each residence. But this summer we published, at least, elements of which can not escape attention in the first place will help you to realize.

Footnote: New engaged to be married; If you rent an apartment if you moved your goods to make sure that when choosing the size that can fit into any home. A year later the way home you like to own a house, you might miss your belongings for failure to comply. Sincerely, MARS REAL ESTATE